“I am so full, but I’m freaking hungry!” – on extreme hunger and binging

Bye, dear Ana

People told me that extreme hunger would very likely occur during recovery – and it did. For me, it was definitely one of the hardest parts. The decision to get out of my comfort zone and to give recovery a go was already a big step. But, when I was still really underweight, I would eat a bite and feel full. Now that I decided to eat more in order to gain weight, I was hungrier than ever. For those of you who haven’t experienced extreme hunger yet: it’s a kind of hunger you can’t just ignore! I remembered times when I had only a banana for “breakfast”. Now, it became impossible for me to skip a meal. I ate double portions of oatmeal, bananas and 500g of yogurt in the morning. For dinner, it would be pizza, a whole package of crisps and tons of fruit afterwards and I…

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Striving for Life, Love and Hapiness in the Grey as my tendency to live in Black or White led me places I'd have no intention of revisiting. Obsessive bargain hunter and nick'nak fiend.

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