Intimacy and Anorexia


A resounding theme that you may have noticed by now is how anorexia and eating disorders are the manifestations of her intense self-hatred, lack of self-love, and inability to receive/accept love. Putting it like that makes it sound so trivial and so “brushed off,” that it makes it difficult to fully grasp the dire implications that this internalization has had on her life, both in the disorder and in recovery.

During the eating disorder, her self-worth has been dictated by the voice of ED in her mind that is telling her that she is unlovable – that she isn’t worthy of love. That she is worthless. She has developed an intense hatred of self – of her body, of her mind, of the exhausting routine that she’s chained to, of her lack of control, and frankly, of her existence. It’s so severe that she’s lost sight of everything else in…

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