Riding the Recovery Road

Today extreme hunger hit again. I want to cry. Yet I’m giggling at the fact I could eat another 2 bars of dairy milk. Share size. Then feel I’m too tiered to walk to the shops. Que tears. Perfect discription of an otherwise undiscribable situation. Thank you for the reassurance I’m not compleatly alone!

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Twenty-eight days ago I began my ‘real’ recovery. I took the plunge on committing to the Minnie Maud guidelines. Eleven days ago, I was fully enrolled in the guidelines and began eating 3000 calories as a minimum. Since then, the days have been a bumpy road of emotions.

During my period of quasi-recovery, when I was reading up on Minnie Maud, I did not think recovery would be as much of a bumpy ride for me as it was described – extreme hunger, bloating, water retention, tiredness, crazy emotions. Boy was I wrong. This last week has been tough, confusing and exhausting.

Extreme hunger

For many in recovery, they do not experience extreme hunger, some experience it a little, while for others its hits them hard. I’m one of the latter. It hit me on 31st of May and has not ceased since.

I eat breakfast. Then I eat more. Then I…

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Striving for Life, Love and Hapiness in the Grey as my tendency to live in Black or White led me places I'd have no intention of revisiting. Obsessive bargain hunter and nick'nak fiend.

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