Dealing with post anorexic binging

The MissFits

Bouts of binging is an extremely common problem for people coming out of recovery from anorexia- think about it, you’ve starved your body for years, and now that you’re finally comfortable eating all foods again, your body is going to want to eat everything! Mentally and physically you have deprived yourself for so long, it’s only natural that your body goes into survival mode and stocks up on calories now that you’re willing to eat them. And having not eaten chocolate for years, when that sugar hits your lips its a hundred times stronger it’s almost ecstatic.

I struggled on and off for over a year of binging post recovery- by recovery I mean reaching an NHS acceptably healthy weight- not necessarily fully mentally recovered. When it first started I was still ‘skinny’ so as much as I hated myself for over eating, I knew that physically I wouldn’t look…

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