Pregnant? No, just recovering…

Constant hunger.

Extreme Cravings.

Water retention.


Weird cravings. ( yes I just had a bowl of baked beans, tuna and beet root)

Sudden attachment to my bottle of gaviscon.

Getting hot and flustered while shopping.

Inability to see my toes periodically.

I’ve seen my mom go through 3 pregnancies. I’m literally her. She actually comforted me with “”I know how you feel” and I knew she did. Lol. Now where are the pickles…..


I’m not a human I’m a swimming pool.

imageimageBecause this water retention sucks my recently restored ass.

to quote my mother this evening “I would love to see how you’d look if we gave you a diuretic……”.sexy.

This. Just this.


Never thought I would see you again

Ride this recovery wave. Sit with your feelings and eating what makes you anxious. There will be good days and bad. Your body image will be up and down yadahyahdahyah. Some days you can remind your self that it’s a process and “This too Shall Pass”. Other days you can’t even find those rational thinking in amongst the sudden re surge of disordered thoughts. Today was one of them, after catching sight of my now weight restored body in yoga pants and a sports bra I literally broke down, like didn’t want to go. Where once there was a defined four pack and defined arms are now a bloated belly with visible adipose tissue and arms with so much water retention it hurts to lift them above my head. I felt like a fraud. Undeserving of wearing gym gear and definitely not fit enough or skinny enough to attend a yoga class.

Okay so now I can see the ridiculousness of these thoughts, but at ridiculous-o-clock this morning not so much. Not to get all soppy but my mother came in and with what an only be mothers intuition ( or possibly because I looked like such a stroppy cow..) gave me a big hug and told me how much she admired me for getting up each day and just getting on with it. Things are so financially tight and after everything I have but them through the last few years, guilt pushed me out that front door this morning.

Then half way through the class I saw it. Lying on my back , one leg in the air, there it was. My ankle. We then changed legs. Amafagaaaaaad my other ankle. I joke not this is the first time since I started following my extreme hunger and loosely the minnie maud guidelines over TWO MONTHS AGO, that I have seen my ankle bones. Or indeed any thing that resembled a human ankle. Like I cannot express the excitement with which I am sharing this post I have even taken a picture.

I was so upset with the water retention in my upper body and my “Moon Face” that I had not even noticed my lower body. We see what we want to see in life and what meditation and yoga are teaching me is that, cheesy as it sounds, when we stop and breathe we notice the other things. And more often than not, I’m finding that those things tend to be the more positive ones. For example I’m typing this thinking ” great, another example of how backwards my body is. Only you could defy gravity and lose Edema from the feet up”. Being all fatalistic rather than enjoying the fact I have the ankles of a normal homosapian. Heck they could be gone by tomorrow.